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I know what you're thinking... an instruction guide for a body scrub??

I'm Salty might be a little different than scrubs you've used in the past and we want to make sure that you are using it properly so you get the most out of each scoop!

*This product is not a soap. I repeat. This product is NOT a soap*

1. wet your skin

2. scoop a little bit out of the jar and massage gently, the salt will exfoliate dead skin off and the shea butter/oils will start to do their magic!

3. This is important! Rinse with WARM/HOT water. The remaining shea butter will melt right off your skin leaving behind a layer of oil that will continue to nourish with vitamins and moisturizing agents found naturally in the ingredients. 

4. pat dry! If you rub your skin with a towel, you'll notice a layer of shea butter may come off - this is the stuff you want to stay on your skin!

5. we like to give it a little extra rubbin' at this stage, really get those oils to soak in and do their job!